The first thing you should know if you’re injured in an accident is that if you’re depending on the insurance company to take care of your losses, you’re probably not in good hands. Insurance companies are private businesses…the sole purpose of their existence is to maximize profit to their shareholders. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that if they can get your name on a release for $5.00, they’ll do so because that’s their duty to their shareholders.

They spend millions training claims adjusters and defense lawyers on the best and latest techniques to minimize or defeat your claim. Clients that try to deal with them on their own often say they felt over-matched, frustrated, confused, beaten down….exactly the way they want you to feel. It should be obvious that you need someone in your corner who is also a professional in these matters.

The next thing you need to know is that there’s a Missouri organization made up primarily of attorneys that specialize in representing injured people. It’s called the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys. Hiring an attorney for your injury claim who is not a member of this organization would not be a wise move for you. Not only have we been members of MATA for 20 years, Randy is a past member of its Board of Governors.

Finally, you need to know that if you’ve suffered a serious injury, the time for you to seek legal counsel is IMMEDIATELY. Rest assured that the insurance industry will already have people investigating and working on every means possible to minimize your claim.

So call us if you’ve suffered a serious injury. There is no charge for initial consultations.

FAQ’s About Personal Injury

Why should I entrust you with my injury case, as opposed to some big downtown firm or one of those TV lawyers?

ANSWER: The truth is we may not take your case. We’ve been successful enough over the years that we actually turn down far more cases than we take. Our clients seem to like the personal attention they get. If we take your case, it won’t get passed down to some young attorney you’ve never even met. You’ll get personal attention, and your phone calls and inquiries answered promptly.

A lot of those lawyers you see on television talking about how tough they are have no intention of ever going near a courtroom. If the insurance companies won’t pay them enough voluntarily, they call someone like us for help.

Do you take cases on a percentage basis?

ASNWER: Often. But we always give you the option of paying hourly if you’d prefer. And our percentage fees are typically less than those of huge downtown firms.

The insurance company has already made me an offer. Should I settle my case on my own?

ANSWER: It depends on the offer, and the particulars of your case. If you’ve already been made an offer, we’ll be happy to evaluate it for you. If we don’t think we have a good chance of putting additional money in your pocket, we’ll tell you that. But if we think you’re being “low-balled” we’ll tell you that too.

What’s the largest settlement you’ve received?

ANSWER: We’ve been fortunate enough to recover several settlements/award for our clients that exceed a million dollars.

What’s the statute of limitations for claims like mine?

ANSWER: It depends on the claim. Medical malpractice claims have a 2-year Statute of Limitations, but most others are 5 years. And if you’re under 21 when the injury occurs, the statute doesn’t start running against you until you turn 21.

So call us at 816-795-7714 if you’ve suffered a serious injury. There is no charge for initial consultations.