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In June 2008 “Tom and Mary”  were driving down Woods Chapel Road in Lee’s Summit. Their friend and co-worker “Connie” was with them. Just east of 291 Hi-Way, another driver crossed the center line and hit them head-on, causing a horrific collision and serious personal injuries to all three of them. They each spent months in hospital and nursing care. They all survived, but have extensive permanent injuries. Their medical expenses alone exceeded $500,000.00. They made a claim against the driver, who, fortunately, had $500,000.00 of liability coverage (the state minimum is only $25,000.00) as well as a $1 Million dollar umbrella policy. The entire $1.5 million was paid to them in 2010.

In October 2013, “Connie”  came to see Randall Cain on a small matter only remotely related to the 2008 accident. The attorney started asking questions, and eventually learned that:

  1. The attorney they had back in 2008 never even looked into the question of whether there was any underinsured motorist coverage available (this is optional coverage you can purchase which provides an additional source of funds to you if you’re insured by someone who doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to adequately compensate you for your injuries).
  2. Tom and Mary’s vehicle not only had under-insured coverage… there was $500,000.00 of it!
  3. Tom and Mary had three vehicles insured… each with $500,000.00 in coverage. And there was a good chance under existing law of “stacking” the three policies and receiving another $1.5 million in compensation!

Cain and Cain made application to Safeco, and in less than 90 days Safeco agreed to pay the entire policy limits of the vehicle involved in the 2008 crash, or $500,000.00! And, claims for the other two $500,000.00 policies.

“Tom”, the driver of the vehicle, said “The only reason we got this is because Randall Cain told us about it… our agent, and previous lawyers, never said a word to us about even the possibility of such a settlement. Maybe the lesson here is we should have gone to a Personal Injury specialist like Randy in the first place. Maybe the best description of how Mary  and I feel is ‘shock and awe.’ These kinds of things never happen to us.”

Passenger “Connie”  said, “It’s just a wonderful feeling! And it was just by accident that we found out about this from Randy! It’s a miracle! The additional funds have taken so much worry off my mind, although I still have to be concerned about additional medical treatment, more surgeries, etc. But you have no idea how much this has helped me.”

Cain described the situation this way: “It’s just kind of shocking that, with these kinds of injuries, neither the previous attorney nor their own agent, to whom they’d paid thousands in premiums over the years, ever bothered to mention there were all these additional funds available. The best part about is that it’s made these people’s lives much easier than they were.”

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